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Sustain DuPage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit creating opportunities to learn and live DuPage sustainability culture.

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We build sustainability culture through five focus areas.

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Huma Hikes the Preserves: Eagle Lake

My inaugural hike for this project was Hidden Lake, and I’m back now with its sister lake, Eagle Lake. As I mentioned when I was doing Hidden Lake, I got a bit of a late start that day and was kind of rushed, so I only did the loop around the Hidden Lake itself, which worked out to about 1.3 miles – very short, totally do-able, and a great lunchtime strolling spot.

Water Walks: Trek 4!

An Exploration of Life, Relationships, Movement, and Water East Branch Trek 4: Glen Oak County Forest Preserve ~> Hidden Lake Forest Preserve DISCLAIMER: In no way whatsoever are Andrew Van Gorp, Jason Phillip Halm, Sustain DuPage, or any accompanying affiliates,...

Huma Hikes the Preserves: Hidden Lake

Greetings, DuPagers! My name is Huma. I’ve decided to enjoy DuPage County on foot by hiking in all of the DuPage County forest preserves. Join me on this journey, as I will post from as many DuPage forest preserves as I can, and share pictures of our gorgeous county throughout the seasons!

Joel Salatin Sends Support for DuPage Right to Grow Food

Photo Courtesy: The News Leader If you haven't been following the past 3 years or so of #ElmhurstHooplah and our work to protect the Human Right to Grow Food Year-Round in DuPage County (Illinois), you can get caught up at this link, or you can watch the video below....

Water Walks: Trek 3!

A worried mother sends another text asking her son why he’s been gone so long and why he’s not responding to her texts. Fifteen minutes later she receives a two word answer, “rough terrain.”

Water Walks: Trek 2!

In some senses, the hydrain, or the lay of the water, fits neatly into our preexisting sense of terrain, the lay of the land. After all, the water both follows and forms the land, and vice versa; their relationship is not one of contrasting competition, but of cooperative creation.

Water Walks: Trek 1!

I was trying to sit down and write about “Water Walks,” the new adventure my friend Jason and I had finally initiated, and I was lit-rally stuck at the first word. I was stuck at the first concept of a missing word, really.

NGO Solidarity: A Case Study

The Theosophical Society made mention to our Sustain DuPage Gardeners last season that they hoped we would implement a practice of permaculture on their grounds… the following collaboration is a great example of how coalition building and solidarity can work in DuPage County between Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)!

It’s Time to Abolish Fossil Fuels.

As a people, we need to be moving away from fossil fuel interdiction, which is the small-scale, piecemeal shut down of individual fossil fuel projects. We need to begin to move toward a demand for a constitutional amendment that would abolish fossil fuels and allow for a peaceful and rapid transition to renewable energy resources. 

A Day at Churchill Woods

You pull on the five layers of clothing you’ve laid out for this morning. The last thing to come on is the hiking boots, the steel-toed wonders you bought last year. You love wearing them, because it makes you feel strong. Like you can change the world. Today, that’s what you’re planning to do.

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