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You can become involved with Sustain DuPage in many ways…

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and are completely volunteer run and supported. If you would like to see a prolific Sustain DuPage, please consider supporting us with a tax-deductible donation!

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In addition to our above Amazon Wishlist, we also need:

•Permanent office space

•Composted cow manure/soil

•Cardboard without tape or ink

•Large (round river) stones

•A pop-up projector screen





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Our organization also teaches classes in sustainable living skills like basket weaving, tapping maple trees for syrup, sewing, and more! We post these opportunities regularly. Each class takes a lot of volunteer hours to organize and to supply with the necessary equipment. These are specialty classes that have a suggested donation to offset their cost. Since we have a goal to keep as much of our educational services free as possible, specialty classes make up a small percentage of our total operations.

Media shapes our community’s perception of itself and the world around us. Unfortunately, most media in our area is not written by journalists and so it is skewed with bias or misinformation. (This is a crisis across our whole nation, not just in DuPage). Our goal with our blog is to elevate eco voices to be heard throughout our community, providing an eco perspective for our neighbors and friends. We are ALWAYS looking for contributing writers. If you would like to contribute, read our writing guidelines and then send us your work!


Below you will find lead volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities.

Lead Volunteer:



Graphic Design Intern

Marketing & Communications Intern

Fundraising Intern


We regret to inform you that there are no employment opportunities at this time.

A percentage of sales from our Threadless shop is donated to Sustain DuPage. Although we don’t support rampant consumerism or the use of petro-based fabrics, swag is a great way to get the word out about our cause.

Email us for more details.

Here at Sustain DuPage, we are all volunteers. No one receives a wage for the time they put in. That means, after a forty hour work week, people are still showing up to create a more sustainable DUPage County- and we are all humbled by what our community has been able to accomplish in spite of our realistic limits. One amazing way you can help Sustain DuPage would be to coordinate a lecture. 

Run time: One Hour

This engaging talk explores the conception of the earliest lawns of written history, the environmental effects of lawns in DuPage County and across the United States, the human health effects of lawns for DuPagers, the results of a case study conducted by Sustain DuPage on the culture of lawns in Glen Ellyn, and alternatives to lawns which can be employed in DuPage County. 

Do you attend a local church, school, gardening club, or other organization who would be interested in hearing an hour long educational lecture from Sustain DuPage? Would you be willing to put us in contact with a point-person to plan a time to give the lecture? Email us here.