We are living out a thriving DuPage sustainability culture, and so you see, the vision is already achieved!

Relying on our leaders to create a more sustainable world on our behalf is a waste of time- something we don’t have much of if we are seriously considering the oncoming threats of climate chaos and what they mean for our community. We are weaving a local sustainability culture that makes fossil-fuel-based systems obsolete. No more “changing the system from within,” no more engaging with bureaucracy at the state or national level. Sustain DuPage is a local resilience culture, here in DuPage- right now. 



By reconnecting DuPagers to the world of life around them (biocultural restoration) we can ensure transformational learning takes place within us, which empowers we DuPagers to become a part of and contribute to a positive feedback loop of sustainability culture. This network of mutually-affirming sustainability keepers will create a strong web of resilience which will be capable of adapting through the onslaught of climate change.

Join your fellow DuPagers- be DuPage’s sustainability culture, with us.