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Mission: Building up thought leaders who reflect critically regarding sustainability issues.

We are an educational, guided reading discussion group who come together to explore sustainability theory. Every year will feature readings selected around a specific theme in order to construct a lattice of understanding around a critical sustainability topic. In our first year we will focus on helping participants understand foundational concepts of sustainability theory in order build active and informed community members who are able to create positive change.

Media shapes our community’s perception of itself and the world around us. Unfortunately, most media in our area is not written by journalists and so it is skewed with bias or misinformation. (This is a crisis across our whole nation, not just in DuPage). Our goal with our blog is to elevate eco voices to be heard throughout our community, providing an eco perspective for our neighbors and friends. We are ALWAYS looking for contributing writers. If you would like to contribute, read our writing guidelines and then send us your work!


It is crucial that DuPagers are provided a safe and constructive space to meet one another in fellowship and in learning. By exploring ideas together we can strengthen our co-understanding and enhance feelings of social trust/ubuntu. It is only through exploring the diversity of perspectives of our relations that we can gain insight into the outer boundaries of our own perspectives and experiences. A dialectic will help us to achieve true transformative learning that will shape behavior outcomes in our community.


By meeting in the shops of independent booksellers we are supporting local businesses and spurring local growth. By defining the parameters of what a sustainable economy is, this mission project will help Sustain DuPagers discern the importance of supporting local businesses over corporate chains. We hope to explore themes of financial investment into sustainable business models (such as B Corporations), micro-finance, the gift economy, as well as alternative measurements of progress like the Genuine Progress Indicator. By understanding the tenets and mechanisms of the economy, we can begin to problematize how it currently operates and provide common-sense reforms which would allow for the achievement of greater sustainability throughout the world.

Studying sustainability theory can be extremely empowering. This knowledge serves as a lifelong tool that prepares us to identify needs in our community and to breach those needs with creative problem solving through both case study and reactive individual response. Once we have attained an understanding of the impact of sustainability theory in our own lives, we become inspired to pass on these positive changes in the lives of those in our communities. Sustainability theory provides an enhanced perspective of human experience that can restore humanity to our proper place within the ecosystem.