We envision a sustainable DuPage County.


Sustainability is, “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” -1987 United Nations Brundtland Report

At Sustain DuPage, we break sustainability down even further.


We believe that unless the needs of people, the environment, and the economy are all being met in balance, then we are not experiencing true sustainability in DuPage County! In order for a mission project to be adopted by Sustain DuPage, it must meet the criteria of sustaining the needs of DuPage County’s people, environment, and regional economy.

Join your fellow DuPagers- be DuPage’s sustainability culture, with us!




For thousands of years, all across our planet, young humans were raised up with an understanding of human belonging within the ecosystem, and it forged our shared identity as humans. For the first time in history, a majority of human beings alive today are carrying out their lives with the belief that they are completely disconnected from Earth’s ecosystems. Many of us have never lived within a truly sustainable culture, so we don’t know what sustainability culture means to us.¬†Sustain DuPage is healing human relationships to other lifeforms within our ecosystem through the learning and practice of a sustainability culture.


Ecoliberation is a reconsideration of human belonging and purpose. It is a recognition that humans have the ability to walk in two worlds. Human beings are animals, (descending from unicellular life born to Earth’s oceans millions of years ago) and so we belong within the ecosystem world. But we have also developed a unique sentience which sets us apart from other animals- and so we also belong within the human world. Ecoliberation is the idea that humans can embrace belonging in both worlds.¬†Ecoliberation¬†is the understanding that when we liberate the ecosystem from human abuse we are also liberating ourselves, because we belong as a part of the ecosystem and the ecosystem belongs as a part of us.