Why Inventory Local Breweries?


Supporting local isn’t just about food! At Sustain DuPage, we dream of a day where everything we eat, drink, wear, and use on a daily basis is produced regionally (if not locally!) Supporting local breweries keeps money in the local economy and strengthens our sense of place.

What is terroire?


Terroire is a french word that means, “the flavor profile of a place.” Some sommeliers are able to identify where a wine was grown from the flavor profile, as all soils around the world have a unique fingerprint on the food they grow. At Sustain DuPage, we’d like to learn what DuPage County foods taste like! We hope that some day our local breweries support locally-grown hops, malt, barley (etc.!) so we can create local sustainable jobs.

Do You Know of Another DuPage Brewery?

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