What is Beekeeping?


Beekeeping is the raising of bees for honey, pollen, and wax. Beekeepers can use many methods of bee husbandry to house and maintain their bees.

Why inventory DuPage Beekeepers?

By supporting local beekeepers, DuPagers are ensuring that the produce in their gardens are more likely to be fully pollinated (increasing food production significantly!) Also, bees are currently experiencing vast declines from the widespread application of life poisons (____icides and neonicotinoids) on lawns and farms. Bees, as insects, are very sensitive to these harmful chemicals. They serve as a canary in the coalmine for DuPagers in the effects of our chemical use on the ecosystem. Sustain DuPage wants to ensure that local beekeepers are supported so we can help them and the bees to thrive!

Do You Raise Local Honey?

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