The Power of ONE!

A young, naive, freshly-graduated Andrew Van Gorp was appointed to a three year term as an Environmental Commissioner for the Village of Glen Ellyn, swearing an oath to uphold and protect the United States Constitution. In brief, he thought he was hot sh*t.

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Why Millenials are Our Only Hope

Since y’all “went there,” I’d like to set the record straight for all of us. With age comes privilege, and I’m about to check yours. Let’s do a little roll-call, shall we?

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Sharp Saws and Dull Laws

The state of tree preservation in Glen Ellyn is much like the state of the Village’s parkway trees themselves, twisted and trimmed into mystifying and intriguing bonsai contortion. 

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Get Your Feet Wet DuPage!

The hardest part of starting a meaningful project can sometimes be just getting it started. But we must, we must, we must all of us- always BEGIN. We must get our feet wet.

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