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23. August 2016 · Comments Off on Important: Vacant DuPage Seats for 2017 · Categories: Articles

American Flag GIF cries for vacant seats

Do you feel that your values aren’t being represented in local government?

Run for office. 

Click on the image below for a PDF describing how YOU can run for local office and which municipal seats will be left vacant in DuPage County, 2017.

The process can begin as early as *September 2016*!

Don’t delay!

(Donations can be made to the Citizen Participation Institute). 

Uncle Sam Wants no Vacant Seats

A HUGE thank you to the Citizen Participation Institute for compiling this list of vacant seats! It’s important for our communities to know that we can become a part of our local political process! The best way to achieve sustainability in DuPage County is to become involved in your local political process and leave no seat vacant!

Sustain DuPage can’t operate without your support. Find out here all the ways you can involve yourself!

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