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20. November 2015 · Comments Off on Glen Ellyn Saves Woodland with Controlled Burn · Categories: Videos


Sustain DuPage Founder Andrew Van Gorp was lucky enough to facilitate the Glen Ellyn Park District’s first ever controlled burn of the Oak Woodland at Lake Ellyn. In 2013 the Park District finished creating a new Master Plan for the Lake Ellyn Park in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The master plan included planting native plants at the water’s edge in order to stabilize the shoreline, create habitat for wildlife, and to prevent algal blooms by sequestering fertilizers before they reached the lake. 

Last year the Park District grew out the grass under these oak trees in preparation to restore the area to a proper oak savannah. Over the years the Village has become increasingly aware of the unsustainability of the grove. If young oaks were not allowed to regenerate under the ancient trees, there would be no oak trees for the next generation. 

This is the part of sustainability that is the most fun. Seeing all of the hard work of local sustainability efforts paying off. Enjoy this win for the environment and our future!


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