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12. November 2015 · Comments Off on We’re Vetting Prospective Board Members. · Categories: Articles

To Apply:

-Applicants must be 21 or older

-Applicants must have donated 10 hours of time to a Sustain DuPage Mission Project at the time of application.

-Sustain DuPage takes inclusivity very seriously. All applicants will be required to sign and return our Intersectionality Clause.

-Board Members are required to organize a minimum of one event a year.

-Board Members are required to attend two monthly meetings and are strongly encouraged to attend all events.

To apply, please email us here answering the following.

1) Describe your professional background.

2) How long have you lived in DuPage County?

3) In what ways are you engaged in your local community?

4) Do you have a specific passion within the realm of sustainability?

5) Are you able to meet the Board Member time expectations (listed above)?

6) If you are interested in being published on the Sustain DuPage blog, please attach in your email a 200 word article to be published on Sustain DuPage following these writing guidelines.

Click here to learn how else you can help grow our cause!

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