Join us in celebrating parents who are

raising farmers in DuPage!

Have you ever heard of someone claiming that they, “come from a long line of farmers”?

The funny thing about that statement is that everyone alive today descends from an UNMEASURABLY long line of farmers. It is so important to raise kids up with an understanding of the long scope of their human history so that they too can brag about their farming ancestors. 

There are so many amazing programs online that can help parental guardians in raising their children with a respect and appreciation for their place in the world. (Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here).

In this video, Jacob Cynamon- Murphy serves as an excellent real-life resource for DuPage parents by demonstrating how easy it can be to divert some of your yard away from lawnmaking and toward food production. He jokes about the garden being like a playground, but actually touches on some truth. Gardens can be like playgrounds. They are places to learn, play, and test ideas. Back or frontyard micro-farms can provide endless hours of imagination and exploration that is good for childhood cognitive development and social skills. These activities are also good for a child’s long-term mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health

We at Sustain DuPage hope that some day a majority of arable land in DuPage will be put to use for conservation or food production. Our friends at The Resiliency Institute also envision a landscape for DuPage County that flawlessly blends nature, agriculture, and yard.

Luckily for us, there are many DuPage parents who are already leading this revolution against the ill health effects of lawns!

Thanks for Watching!

Sustain DuPage can’t operate without your support. Find out here all the ways you can involve yourself! 

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