Restoring Hope: A Snake’s Tail… means?

Enough is Enough!

Sustain DuPage is passionate about encouraging millennial environmental advocates like Tristan to raise their voices and reject the negative and misleading narrative they’ve been given. In our conversation, Tristan did a great job pointing out that the next generation can and should reject the notion that humans are to be valued at the expense of every other living thing. There must be a generational voice that resoundingly cries, “enough!” to the unsustainable and reckless development and consumption we see tearing apart our communities. We touched on the fact that this generation has been tasked with the most tantamount challenge that has ever faced the Human Species: saving ourselves from ourselves. 

You can hear in Tristan’s tone when he speaks about restoring hope, that this mission is an overwhelming burden for those who will inherit our future, and we in the sustainability community must ensure that we are encouraging our young people! This video is a call to action for the Elders in our community to reach out to those young warriors who are taking up the torch to ensure we can all live healthy lives well into the future.

Support your community protectors by restoring hope! 

To all of the millennials reading this: do not fall for the lie you are being told! The media would tell you that as a teenager or young adult in your twenties you should be partying and drinking away your days. People say that you can’t really make positive change because you are too young. Do not waste your prime years! You will never have more potential than you do right now.

If you practice shrugging off community problems in your twenties, you will most likely shrug off community problems until you are gone from this world. Now is the time to capitalize on your beginning years and set yourself up to make even weightier contributions to your community in your later decades. You can truly establish yourselves as community leaders right now by following your true passions and investing in your own potential.

Thank you for watching, and helping us in

restoring hope for snakes and ourselves!


Sustain DuPage can’t operate without your support. Find out here all the ways you can involve yourself!


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