Celebrating DuPage Farmers:

Ted Lowe of Wheaton, Illinois Brings down the House!

Did you think we at Sustain DuPage were all work and no play?

We are in the business of celebrating DuPage Farmers, too! By celebrating DuPage farmers in this mini-series, we hope to not only draw attention to the amazing things that CAN be accomplished in DuPage, but also to encourage those people who work so hard to reclaim their right to garden on their own property (a constitutional right).

Time and time again, it seems that everyone we talk to is discouraged. At some point or another we all feel like we’re the only person fighting for environmental justice, right?. Well, TAKE HEART! You are not alone. You are a valuable part of a growing and strengthening movement in DuPage County that is demanding from it’s political representatives better policy that promotes economic, social, and environmental sustainability. It is so important not to lose sight of our goal, and to never compromise in our vision.

Please, make sure that you are taking time to celebrate your sustainability accomplishments and not getting bogged down by the challenges ahead. 

Thanks for watching!


Sustain DuPage can’t operate without your support. Find out here all the ways you can involve yourself!



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