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29. July 2015 · Comments Off on Write for Sustain DuPage · Categories: Articles

Hey there new friend.

Girl points up into the boughs of a giant oak tree.

You’ve decided to write for Sustain DuPage, eh?

Here’s a few things you should know.

1. Sustain DuPage believes in preserving your writing voice throughout the editing process and will never publish without your final approval.

2. Sustain DuPage strives for grammatical integrity.
3. The depth of your article depends upon your dedication to research, but we do ask you present a whole story and provide a satisfying conclusion for your piece.
4. The goal of your article should be:

a. to draw attention to a problem and to provide a commonsense solution through means of social, environmental, or economic sustainability (SEES).

b. to commend a person/organization/business who is solving a problem with SEES already.

c. to inspire appreciation for our rich DuPage County culture and/or history.

5. We ask that you commit to writing this article by emailing us here. In your email please include a subject line describing your article and your name (ie. “Parking Lots Suck”- Cindy Mindy).

6.Our dream timeline after sending the commitment email would be:

a. End of week one————————- strong outline of article sent in.

b. End of week two————————- first draft submitted.

c. End of week three———————– hashing out of edits.

d. End of month—————————– article posted.

7) Lastly, THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING! We are so excited to have you on our content creation team. By submitting to Sustain DuPage, YOU are helping to create a world that shines all the brighter! Please feel free to keep open communication with us at ALL times.


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