We believe there should never be a time in DuPage County when a DuPager sighs, “I would be more sustainable, if only I had a friend who would teach me!” NOW YOU DO. 

This is our live directory of Sustain DuPage volunteers who have agreed to teach you a sustainability “DuSkill” they are passionate about!

 Ambassadors listed on this page have not had a background check from Sustain DuPage.

***If you know an individual who should be added to this list, or if you would like to be listed please email us!


Nicholas Fuller

Nicholas Fuller: Small business entrepreneur, poppa, gardener.

DuSkills: Sustainable landscaping, native landscaping, ecological restoration, controlled burning.



Andrew Van Gorp

Andrew Van Gorp: Andrew received a major in Sustainable Community Development. Born-and-raised DuPager.

DuSkills: Permaculture certified, traditional skills (fiber art in particular), wild foraging, art & community engagement, community organizing, photography, videography, graphic design, and writing.


Lindsay Zimmerman: Self-Employed designer and animator in the advertising industry. Farm worker.

DuSkill: Gardening, with a focus on no-till, raised beds, and organic methods.  Food canning and preservation. Graphic design, animation, and expertise in Adobe software.  



Margo Vesely: Small business entrepreneur. Outdoor explorer. Lover of 2- and 4- legged animals. Kitchen experimenter. 
DuSkill: Researching and organizing. Writing. Community engaging. Fact collecting, resulting in random fact giving. Slovak folklore story holder. 


Emily Shepherd Prasad

Emily Shepherd Prasad: Momma and community organizer.

DuSkills: Food preservation (water bath and pressure canning).


Jeremy Nash

Jeremy Nash: Poppa and community organizer.

DuSkills: Founding a Food Co-Operative.



Amanda Moss Picture

Amanda Moss: Agripreneur.

DuSkills: Mushroom hunting, wild foraging, canning and preserving.


Huma Rashid: Criminal defense attorney practicing in state of Illinois and several federal district courts.

DuSkills: Policywork and local initiatives.


Karen Vanek

Karen Vanek: Small business owner.

DuSkills: permaculture, silvaculture, and wild harvest.



Ted Lowe

Ted Lowe: Suburban farmer and renewable energy technician.

DuSkills: organic food growing, native plant landscaping, bicycling, voluntary simplicity, rain barrel assembly/repair, electric vehicle assembly/repair, solar water heater installation/repair, solar panel installation/repair.

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